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#15 Old Years Heave

Updated: Feb 7, 2021

Out with the old, in with the new. The old is gone, the new has come.

Give the old year a heave, welcome a new year. The new will start as the old one ended, but there is hope. I have pondered much regarding this pandemic and the election and the social injustice issues. Whether you understand or believe all that you hear in the whirlwind of conflicting news and information know that there is hope, a light in the darkness. Hope that is more virulent than this any of these challenges we are currently in. Hope that is contagious. Hope that is stronger than any tribulation we have today.

On one hand I am afraid for America. I am afraid that this “government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth” is in jeopardy of perishing. Abraham Lincoln used that phrase years ago. I have a feeling he may be a bit upset as many are with the state of affairs in our country today.

I feel there are 3 big areas that there is chaos, unrest and (or) trials. The pandemic is causing major health, social and growing financial issues. The social injustices, civil injustices are also challenging the moral fiber of our nation. Then there is the governmental or political arena that in my opinion beyond repair.

1. The government can’t eradicate the pandemic, sure there are things they ought to do. They can encourage, disburse resources and be truthful in reporting. There is such disparity in reports and reporting the numbers and actions to take. This generates more fear than the virus does with almost everyone I talk to, even community leaders.

2. You cannot legislate people to love their neighbor, sure there are some things they can put in place to encourage us and maybe penalize if we hurt someone. Much of this ought to be common sense for us however it is not that common. We have ALL been programed to keep this attitude in play and a change of heart is required to change the culture.

3. It appears politicians cannot fix the things they broke to begin with on their own. Sure there are still some great folks in the political arena but far too few and probably too late. There is so much of, ‘you wash my back and I will wash yours’ instead of everyone voting on the merits of issues. Hiding or burying secondary issues inside critical ones to get them passed. In general I do not see the Public servants serving the public. This is not a partisan issue, it is a broad spectrum problem. I certainly do not claim to have the answers but things must change.

Oh, and don’t get me started on the news media….there is very little news reporting going on. The greater percentage of the news media is just plain editorializing. I am intelligent enough to make up my own mind. I don’t need or want some person I do not know telling me what they think. I want to hear who, what where and when. Nothing more. One other comment, this one regarding Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They have certainly evolved over the years but I do not believe they were created for news but fellowship and community building. Connecting and reconnecting with family and friends and sharing our joys and sorrows with them. They have been gathering marketing information and personal preferences for years. Now it seems the info is used social influencing much chaos has resulted. Multiple truths depending on what you share and post caused chasms to from between family and friends instead of drawing them together.

There is only one truth and that comes from our creator. Man is bad, God is Good. We need to put our faith and trust in our creator and look to His wisdom, not ours. We need to love like He does, unconditionally. God has a plan to fix all of this mess we made here on earth. A plan for us to spend eternity in Heaven with Him. I know many will choose not to believe in God but as an old rock-n-roll lyric says – ‘even if you choose not to decide you still have made a choice.’

Choose good, choose God.

Pray for America, she is in trouble, such trouble that only God can get us out of it.

May God of hope fill you with his peace and joy,

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.


Join us at Trinity Lutheran, your Hope filling Station.

@ 5080 Kingsley St., Montclair CA. OR

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