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Steve Hare (Prayer of thanksgiving for successful hip surgery, continued for a complete and speedy recovery)


Phil Brooks (Healing and relief from lingering affects of COVID)


Sarah Carls (Difficult times during the grief process; strength and comfort)


Jerry Klatt (Marv's brother, finishing chemotherapy for stomach cancer and a spot on his lung.)


Chris Callaghan (Extended family of Eileen and Greg, ongoing tests and treatment for pancreatic problems; not cancer)


Virginia Bays (Stephanie Klatt's mom, for comfort and strength while dealing with Parkinson's, fibromyalgia, Complex Regional Pain Syndrome)


Larry Winstead (Marv and Kathy's brother-in-law, recently diagnosed with Leukemia; prognosis has taken a turn for the worse)


Nancy Bognar (Health issues with her heart and kidneys)



Brian Carls, Ilona & Buff Martindale, Sylvia Parker, Adela Aragon,

Neva Rose, Rose Hess (general health and quality of life issues)



Shannon Leach, Wilma LaRoche, Helen Trauterman (our shut-ins)



Military Personnel and all our LCMS Chaplains, National and Local Governments, Law Enforcement, and Firefighters!


Our Prayer for Our Country

Our Lord, King of Kings,

                   Creator and provider of all things,

† We come to you in gratitude and humility, we ask that the people would turn their hearts back to You and our nation to be united again under You.

          We ask for your guidance to re-direct the leaders in our country to repent and come back to You and Your teachings, that your word would once again have value. Unite us and stop the division that drives politics and the petty arguments that stop us from loving our neighbors as ourselves. Turn our hope and faith back to Your principles and values.

          We pray for evil to be cast away and that the division, anger, entitlement, hatred, disrespect, sickness, harmful & hurtful behaviors would stop and we could just all get along. For peace and love in all of Your people Lord.

          Please keep us from future pandemics, more civil unrest and move us past racism. Grant us the ability to listen to one another and value each other. Surrendering ourselves, our thoughts and hearts to You, Father so You can show us how to be more Christ like. - Help TLC bring the hope only You can provide.

With faith, hope and thankfulness in the one true God, we ask these things in Jesus name, Amen.


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