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#18 Just a small slice...

Pastoral Ponderings

July 2021 –and the beat goes on...

Well, it has been an extended period since my last blog.

I pray those reading this are well. To the right is the logo

For our ARK 4 LIFE non-profit. We are waiting for the

grant from the district for the start-up costs and searching for a Capital Campaign group.

So keep all that in prayer. Janet and I are still very excited about all that God has us doing. This week we finish two more classes for our Drug and Alcohol counseling certificates. Seven down about 9 to go. We have a short break before the next semester. Yeah!

What else shall we discuss? Well, there is this pandemic thing, that just won’t go away. Again, I pray earnestly you are well through all this and that your life is settling into what our new normal will be. Are you living in fear with what is going on? Stuck in an ongoing fear or is it a new fear caused by the longevity of the pandemic or the Delta variant got you worried? Do not feel bad, it is happening to a lot of people cases are rising again. How bad will it get? Who knows? Well, God knows. As I have commented several times here and from the pulpit God has got this. He has got you, and me. Continue to take precautions and stay safe.

Pray for TRINITY, ARK 4 LIFE and our Nation, cities, families.

May God of hope fill you with his peace and joy,

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.


Join us at Trinity Lutheran, your Hope filling Station @

5080 Kingsley St., Montclair CA. OR

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