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Prayer Cards

Every month in 2021 we will be issuing a prayer card. If you did not get, or need extra cards to share with family and friends they are here for you to print. 

Prayer cards-2021-01 (1).JPG
Prayer cards-2021-02 (1).JPG
Prayer cards-2021-03.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-04.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-05.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-06.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-07.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-08.JPG
Prayer cards-2021-09.jpg
Prayer cards-2021-10.jpg
Prayer cards-2021-11.jpg
Prayer cards-2021-12.jpg

Card 1

The Lords Prayer

Card 2

Serenity Prayer

Card 3

Luther's Morning Prayer

Card 4

Luther's Evening Prayer

Card 5

Gift of the Holy Spirit

Card 6

A Portion of Jonah' Prayer

Card 7

Part of Daniel's Prayer

Card 8

Proverbs 30:7-9

Card 9

Let's Talk

Card 10

3rd Step

Card 11

Give Thanks Prayer

Card 12

CHRISTmas Prayer

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