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#17 Just a note

Thursday 4/15/2021

Sunday 03/21/2021 – Pastoral Ponderings

Past a

March 2021 – coming up on year of Covid19 pandemic.

Just a quick note to the 5 of you who have been regularly reading and by chance anyone new who should pick up a hard copy or stumble upon my blog. Sorry for just crossing out and scribbling on the copy, I tried erasing but that didn’t work and I didn’t want to start over and waste the paper. You can see when I started and as I mentioned before what began as a weekly effort is now down to about monthly give or take a week. I pray you all had a blessed Easter and are staying socially physically distant but spiritually close.

Well, it depends on where you are at in the world, but, here in SoCal (Southern California we are slowly but surely moving forward past the pandemic. Things are opening but I feel the effects are going to be felt for years come. There is still much fear and confusing information. Now it is more regarding the vaccines. Pray read up and make the best choice for you.

Anyway, my goal now even more than before has is to bring HOPE to the hopeless. This hope is not my hope but that of the creator of the universe. What better source of hope than from the manufacturer? When we put our faith / trust in God we get an eternal guarantee. No more sorrow, no more pain and an eternal feast. The only other option is a really hot place. Your choice. Hope knowing that God has got this and has prepared a place for you, just RSVP with ‘I Believe in Jesus!’ God the Father gave up, sent his only son to take your place.

Jesus died on the cross, so that Sin would be defeated.

Jesus descended into hell, so that Satan would be defeated.

Jesus rose from the dead, so that death would be defeated.

Trinity Lutheran is here so that people may know these three facts.

Also pray TLC as we are looking at the Horizon and the vision God has for us.

Pray for America, she is in trouble, such trouble that only God can get us out of it.

May God of hope fill you with his peace and joy,

so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope.


Join us at Trinity Lutheran, your Hope filling Station.

@ 5080 Kingsley St., Montclair CA. OR

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