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Kittens, Puppies and Bacon

Well now that I have your attention - July is almost over. Is the Pandemic? Who knows, but 4 months and counting? (maybe longer for some). I think the stretch up to November is gonna seem even longer yet. I truly hate election campaigns. The lying and mudsling is horrible. In my humble opinion, candidates should only be allowed to talk about what they will do and how they will serve the public. They are asking to be elected as public servants are they not? And now the pandemic is already being used as campaign ammunition and in my opinion should be off limits to advance their personal agenda.

Anyway let me tell you about what I would like to see….

Cats would stay kittens, dog would stay puppies, people would drive like I do (Janet disagrees on this one), bacon is heart healthy, ice cream has 0 calories and hockey is the national pastime. I would like everyone to have a job they enjoyed and be able to put food on their table and roof over their head. Oh, and reliable transportation. World peace would be nice. Can’t we all just get along?

It would also be good if everyone was actively involved in a spiritual discipline of loving one another. Preferably Christianity, but if not, that’s okay. We still need a few people that we can evangelize.

Anyway, when God created the world he had us humans start out as a single family in a single place. The intent was unity and community. Well it didn’t take mankind long to mess it up, and it seems we still are. Little unity, struggling community. The first two humans fell prey to Satan, the father of lies, and again, it seems we still are

Good news, there is hope! God has done as promised. He provides hope for eternity, a way out of this fallen world. Satan still wants to take us away from God’s promise of heaven. But the Bible tell us nothing can separate us from the love of Christ and he loves us so much he left Heaven and joined his creation to pay the price, to fix mankind’s mess.

Just like this year has been ‘messed up’ and the future may look bleak in our eyes, God still has high hopes for his people. Heavenly hopes. Trust God’s got this mess. Heaven is our eternal home, hang in there, love your neighbor!

Let’s work together, united we stand – be a community

Check us out either our live at our physical site, 5080 Kingsley, Montclair, Ca, (we are currently worshiping outdoors in the parking lot since Governor Newsome closed things down again.) We have also temporarily shifted our worship time to Sundays @ 9am when it is a bit cooler; or visit us at any time and stay connected.

Connecting People to Jesus

See ya in Church!

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1 Comment

Art Recalde
Art Recalde
Aug 08, 2020

Amen Brother.

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