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Welcome to Pastoral Ponderings of Pastor Lance Irey. I am so excited to be sharing the Hope, Love and Forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I have attempted blogging before, let’s hope this time consistency wins out. It took a pandemic to push us to develop a web presence. We are a small simple community church and 5 years ago when my family joined the group in ministry there was no social media or web presence. I thought a Facebook page would suffice but as we tried things, it became evident we needed more tools. So during the Covid 19 pandemic of 2020 a member took the website by the coding and got us set up with (some of you may be there now) During site development we started with Facebook live posts and snail mail letters to members. Then with the site published, we transitioned to prerecorded messages being posted to site. Then my 22 year old daughter suggested I write a blog. So here we are in the beginning.

What do you see as a (if not the) major problem for people? I know it could be a million things, but fundamentally, what is a basic need, or what are people missing?

In my personal experience and my professional observations, we, mankind are needing HOPE. The reasons we are lacking, or have diminished hope are numerous but, without hope, depression and despair set in, which leads to other issues.

We at Trinity want to fill you with the Hope, Love and Forgiveness of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, a Hope filling station. Come by our physical site some Sunday @ 10am or visit us at and stay connected. Either place you choose, we want to make sure you are connected to Jesus through engaging fellowship, worship and service.

Christ Centered <>< Biblically Based ><> Mission Minded

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