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I am Lance and I approve this message.

How can such an essential, long standing part of our history become such an unsavory, painful, miserable event? I have already mentioned my disdain for what the electoral process has become with the lying, deceiving and scamming. As bad as that is, I am now actually talking about incoming phone calls. Yeah, you know.

I used to look forward to my phone ringing. That is when it was almost always family or friends calling to share something exciting or asking for advice. I still love those calls. However now, I often cringe when the phone rings as the good calls are way outnumbered by bad ones. Undesired robo calls, sales presentations for stuff I don’t need or want or the worst - stupid scammers.

Over a three day period I got the same call/message 8 times, 5 in one day.

Maybe you got it as well, something like:

This is the Social Security Administration, we are going to suspend your SS account if you do not call us immediately. We have detected suspicious activity on your account and we suspend it now.

The English is poor, the threat is suspect at least. But I guess people fall for it. Never give your SS, credit card or and ID number unless you are positive to whom you are speaking. Banks and the SSA will have those numbers. If you are not sure hang up and call a number you are sure is for that institution, or go in person if possible. There are so many creative and deceitful people trying to take advantage of others. What a shame they feel it’s okay do that.

I know a few people who like to tease or harass the callers some. It can be fun but I usually don’t feel they are worth the effort or don’t want to waste my time. There are some tools out there to help. You can check with your service provider if they have any options. I know Verizon and Spectrum have implemented some actions to help out some. Also the police have fraud investigators if you are harassed or get caught up in one of them.

Stay alert, screen your calls and ask for help if not sure about something.

You know the scammer of scammers is out there trying to get us to fall for some false truths as well. Satan, the devil, the father of lies uses all sorts of life scams and fake truth to draw us away from our faith or drain our hope for the future. The only real truth comes from our creator and redeemer. The only true God. The one who is! The one who says I am her for you, I have forgiven you and I love you!

Stay alert, pray and ask Him for help about everything.

Come by either our physical site (5080 Kingsley, Montclair, Ca,) Sundays @ 9am outdoors until further notice or visit us at any time and get filled up on God’s hope! You can also ask for pray or if you are able help us continue spreading the good news, the hope that Jesus Christ gives to all.

Trinity, your hope Filling Station

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